news7 Jun. 2016

Service status notices

Currently, the ability to display posts from other accounts on the app, as well as to conduct operations such as like and follow, has become disabled.
Although the message “You need to re-login to use this account” is being displayed, this issue is not resolved by re-logging in.

The cause of this issue occurred when the API user’s permissions were suddenly canceled without notice by Instagram on June 7. We had received API’s permissions after undergoing a screening by Instagram 2 months ago. The reason for this sudden cancellation is unclear.
In order to restore services, it is necessary to once again receive permissions, and as of now it is unclear when they will be restored.

Furthermore, due to this issue, the app have been temporarily deleted from the App Store. We apologize for the inconveniences caused to our users, but we ask that you give us some more time to restore services.

We thank your for your patience.