news2 Jun. 2016

Version 3.0 Released.

Version 3.0 is available on the App Store.

What’s new in Version 3.0
  • Added support for Instagram API specification update that will go into effect in June 2016.
  • Added ability to Group favorite users and hashtags and to create your original timeline.
  • Favorite User Tags function in version 2 has been transformed into the Group function starting with version 3.

In line with the changes to the Instagram API, following functionality from Version 2 are absent from Version 3.

  • Feed screen (chronologically displays posts of followed users)
  • Block and unblock users
  • Display posts of private users
  • Displays a list of accounts that other users are following / other user’s followers
  • Display comments on timeline (*improvements being considered for next version)
  • Display popular posts
We are extremely disappointed that it is now not possible to provide a feed screen. Please accept our apologies.
We have provided the group functionality as a substitute for this funcationality, which is the most we are able to implement at this time.
Please try the group functionality to create your favorite timelines.

When possible, features will be reinstated in the future as permitted by changes to the Instagram policy regarding feed screen.