Continuous-Shooting and Animated GIF Camera

Requires iOS 13 or later

Available on the App Store

Fotomecha reproduces the features and fun of a continuous-shooting toy camera.

When you capture a moving subject and press the shutter button, the shutter closes repeatedly with a "snap snap snap!". Just like that, a single photograph that incorporates multiple frames (or an animated GIF) comes out. Set the exposure speed, frame count, and film type to create various kinds of works.

You’ll enjoy the design like that of an analog camera, and the dial interface!




  • Camera
  • Convert, Export
  • Share
  • Interface
  • Viewer
  • 7 lens modes (1shot, 4shot x 3 patterns, 6shot, 9shot, and animated GIF)*1*2
  • 6 film modes
  • Shooting speed setting (manual or 0.20s-1s intervals)
  • Set focus/exposure, flash/light, zoom*3
  • On/off film frame and vignetting
  • Animated GIF frame count (4/6/9 frames), size, and picture quality settings

*1 Photo size may change depending on lens mode.

*2 Animated GIFs are saved within the application.
GIF files saved within the app can be sent to other apps that support GIF format. You can also use AirDrop.
You can also download animated GIF files from iTunes (App screen - File Sharing)
CAUTION! If the application is deleted, the animated GIF files will also be deleted.

*3 Depending on the device type, some of the camera function is not available.

Convert, Export
  • Convert Live Photos to photos, videos, or animated GIFs
  • Convert videos to animated GIFs
  • Convert animated GIFs to videos
  • Open photos, videos, Live Photos, or animated GIFs with other apps
  • Use AirDrop
  • Share on Twitter, Facebook or Flickr*

* Aanimated GIFs cannot be posted to Facebook/Flickr.

  • Switch Flat/Real designs of camera interface
  • Comfortable image viewer

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